Easter fun run at tralee boxing club

The morning sun was a sorely missed on Easter Sunday morning in the town park as a hardy group of

boxers, parents and friends of Tralee Boxing Club togged out for the Club’s annual Easter Fun Run.

There was a brilliant turnout as usual, with many of the competitive boxing squad disappearing off into

the distance at the starters whistle, keen to demonstrate their high standard of athleticism. Following

close behind were the rest of the club members and friends who were content to walk and jog along at

their own pace enjoying the opportunity to exercise together.


As a volunteer run, not-for-profit community club, the annual 5km Fun Run is a fundraising staple for

Tralee Boxing Club. For the past month, our dedicated members have been knocking on doors all over

Tralee, selling Raffle tickets and raising vital funds for the club.


There were plenty of happy bunnies again this Easter with 7 fabulous hampers, dozens of Easter eggs

and 9 prizes including €100 cash, from Tralee Boxing Club handed out at the after party in the club gym.


Tralee Boxing Club would like to thank all our boxers, members, friends and family for supporting our

club and making this year’s Fun Run the most enjoyable and memorable club social event to date.

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